cfSOFTWARE FTP upload instructions

Instructions for uploading files to the cfSOFTWARE Technical Support FTP server:

Please note that all Web browsers do not handle FTP uploads. If the Web browser you are using does not support FTP uploads you can use the FTP program of your choice. One of those choices can be C:\WINDOWS\FTP.EXE if you are running Microsoft Windows 95 or Microsoft Windows NT.
FTP programs are available at sites like if you need to acquire one.

If your Web browser supports FTP uploads, or you are attempting to perform an FTP download, you may go directly to the technical support File Library. You can upload the file using drag and drop.

Please follow these steps below to send us your files.
  1. Direct your FTP program to the FTP site: FTP.CFSOFT.COM.
  2. Change the directory to the FROMUSER directory.
  3. Select a Transfer Mode of BINARY.
  4. Send your file. Please be sure to have previously compressed the file with a product like PKZIP.
  5. Please note that you will NOT be able to see your uploaded files afterward. The UPLOADS directory is a protected directory and can not be accessed remotely for viewing or downloading but you will be warned if the filename you are attempting to send already exists.

Specific directions using FTP.EXE

FTP.EXE is a text mode FTP program that is included with Microsoft Windows 95 and Microsoft Windows NT. FTP.EXE can be executed from the RUN item in the START MENU. You can use this program to upload files to the cfSOFTWARE Technical Support ftp site. There are two directories you may access. One is the invisible "FROMUSER" directory, and the other is the visible "TOUSER" directory. If you are sending files to someone in Technical Support, please use the FROMUSER directory (you will not be able to send files to the TOUSER directory).

  1. Start C:\WINDOWS\FTP.EXE from the RUN item in the START MENU. You will see a DOS window appear, with an FTP prompt.
  2. Type "?" and you will see a list of accepted commands.
  3. At the ftp> prompt, type: "open FTP.CFSOFT.COM".
  4. For User name, enter "anonymous".
  5. For Password, enter your e-mail address.
  6. Type: "cd FROMUSER" (place a space in between; a backslash may not work).
  7. Type: "BINARY" .
  8. Type: "send c:\folder\file.ext" where folder is the directory path to the file you are uploading, and file.ext is the file name including the extension.
  9. Type: "close" when the transfer is complete
  10. Type: "quit" to exit the program and return to Windows

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